A Guide To TV’s Most Satisfying Romances: Comedy Edition

Alexa (Google, Siri, whatever), play “Anything Could Happen.” Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) and Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel) didn’t always work perfectly, and at one point, the best thing they could possibly do for both themselves and the show was break up. But when they worked, they really worked. We still think regularly about their first kiss, and we’re still convinced Nick Miller is one of the best boyfriends on TV.

You wouldn’t be disappointed if you start with the pilot, but here are the best Nick and Jess episodes from season one:
S1E3, “Wedding” (Note: They pretend to date in this one.)
S1E4, “Naked”
S1E5, “Cece Crashes”
S1E15, “Injured”
S1E24, “See Ya”

In season two, the real feelings begin. Be sure to watch:
S2E3, “Fluffer”
S2E14, “Pepperwood”
S2E15, “Cooler”
S2E21, “First Date”
S2E23, “Virgins” (Sex alert)
S2E24, “Winston’s Birthday”
S2E25, “Elaine’s Big Day”

(“Cooler” is an absolute, cannot miss episode for this duo and if you don’t remember why, we’ll preserve the surprise. It’s worth it!)

Season three is a Nick and Jess roller coaster. Start it from the beginning if you want, but just beware that Schmidt (Max Greenfield) is attempting to date both Cece (Hannah Simone) and Elizabeth (Merritt Wever) for the first five episodes and it is upsetting. Do not, under any circumstances, miss S3E14, “Prince.”

Nick and Jess break up in S3E20, “Mars Landing,” and the next few episodes are rough. S3E23, “Cruise” is particularly not very fun, so watch at your own risk. 

S4E22, “Clean Break” is worth a watch both for Nick and Jess reevaluating their friendship and for Schmidt proposing to Cece. It’s a two-for-one! There’s a similar deal with S5E22, “Landing Gear, which features Schmidt and Cece’s wedding and new romantic feelings between Nick and Jess. 

Tune back in full-time for season six, even though Nick and Jess both date other people. You can skip around, but make sure you watch S6E15, “Glue,” and then everything from S6E18, “Young Adult” to S6E22, “Five Stars for Beezus.” Prepare yourself for that elevator ride at the end of that episode, and settle in for all of season seven to watch Nick and Jess get married before the series ends.

New Girl is streaming on Netflix.


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