Looking To Purchase a Fabric Lounge? Follow This Guide!

Buying a fabric lounge can be fun, but it’s no small investment. Ultimately you want furnishings that compliment your interior design are durable and comfortable. 

However, it’s important to purchase the right furniture piece that complements your home decor and is durable. Since fabric lounges come in many different configurations, let’s review some things to consider before making a final selection.

Style and Fabrics That Complement Your Home

Modern fabric lounges can have a sleek design or a plush, pillowed look. If you want to add a vintage theme in your living area, you might consider a darker leather couch or fabric lounge with polished mahogany feet. 

Try contrasting a lounge covered with a smooth fabric with a pillow covered in a coarsely woven material. Alternatively, if you want to brighten the room or give it a more open feeling, adding a cream-colored leather lounge and a soft knit throw is a simple yet elegant solution. 

Prefer something more contemporary? Match a chocolate fabric lounge with our Clair leather chair for a touch of unexpected color. Also, look for outdoor upholstery fabric to cover your outdoor furniture and provide additional protection against the outside elements. 

Resistance To Outside Elements

Look for fabric lounges that have high resistance to outside elements like dust and sunlight. The latter is known to fade fabrics. Many fabric lounges available in the market or online are created specifically to be kept outdoors and resist sunlight. If your home decor calls for outdoor furniture, keep this factor in mind. 

Fabric Choices

Consider chaise lounge fabrics before buying. If you plan to curl up on your bedroom chaise lounge on a weekend morning and read awhile, you probably won’t be very comfortable for long on slick leather or vinyl fabric. 

Look for a fabric lounge covered in a cool silk or cotton material for a softer feel to relax. You’ll also want to consider whether the fabric is washable, especially if you have children. A modern fabric lounge upholstered with stain-resistant microfiber may be your best bet in this situation.


Fabric Lounges aren’t meant for frequent relocation. They are constructed out of delicate materials and soft fabric. This can get damaged or stained during shifting. If your work requires frequent relocations, consider opting for wooden furniture that can be easily relocated without getting damaged. 


Think about the function of your fabric lounge. Is it intended for use in a lobby or for snuggling with your sweetheart while you watch the latest movie on the television? Perhaps you plan a home entertainment center where reclining seats offer a comfortable place to sit for two hours. 

If you do a lot of entertaining in large groups, you’ll need more seating during an evening dinner. Corner fabric lounges are a great way to seat several people together.

Regular Vacuuming

Choose the fabric that doesn’t easily accumulate dirt and dust. Moreover, keep in mind that you’ll need to vacuum the fabric to keep it looking brand new regularly. So, if you don’t have it already, it makes sense to purchase an upholstery cleaner and use it on a low suction setting to clean your lounge. 


Many people believe that expensive fabric lounges are the best. This is a myth. If you do the research right, you will find several amazing lounges in your budget. The best way to do this is by reading online reviews and shopping online. Not only will you be buying a furniture piece vetted by experts, but you will also be able to buy it for cheaper – thanks to all the online deals and coupons. 

Final Word

Buying a fabric lounge doesn’t have to be overwhelming. All you need to do is proper research and choose the right furniture according to your needs. Take cues from this article and get yourself the best fabric lounge you and your home deserves!


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