How High-End Cannabis is Revolutionizing the Industry

Business is booming for the marijuana market, and this industry now boasts of its own high-end luxury sector. Slowly but surely, the taboo surrounding weed is beginning to fade as more states begin to legalize this plant for recreational use. Colorado became the first U.S state to legalize weed in 2012; however, since then, ten more have followed suit.

The cannabis market has been steadily growing, and by the end of 2025, the value of the legal marijuana sector is expected to reach almost 150 billion USD. Not only this but, fully legalized marijuana is expected to eventually surpass cigarette sales in the States. This has opened up a lucrative market for smoking enthusiasts, and the luxury sector has taken note.

Since marijuana was legalized for recreational use, strains became more complex and developed. Back when marijuana was illegal for recreational purposes, the quality of weed was inconsistent and at many times even sub-par. Now that it has become a profitable business, the cultivation of marijuana has entered a new league. Not only has the quality of marijuana evolved, but there is now an immense range of luxury paraphernalia and experiences available for weed enthusiasts to enjoy.

High-Grade Product

High-grade marijuana has become easily accessible in those States that have legalized weed for recreational purposes and now sites like dyrect. delivery even delivers these products straight to your door. Depending on the strain, high-quality weed can often vary in appearance; however, you can expect to see small hairs in purple, orange, or even red tones. Some of the newest and most popular strains of 2020 include Wedding Cake, Gelato, Gorilla Glue, Souffle, and Dutch Treat. A high-quality bud, like Loud Dream, can even sell for $800 an ounce!

Luxury Smoker’s Paraphernalia

As more people smoke marijuana and the industry continues to grow, new and ingenious ways of consuming cannabis are also entering the market. Some of the most extravagant ways to smoke marijuana include using a 14k rose gold vape pen or a million-dollar glass bong. There are still plenty of affordable paraphernalia options for smokers; however, the high-end side of the marijuana industry has taken full advantage of the growing demand for luxury products.

High-Quality Experiences

The marijuana industry does not stop at high-end products and paraphernalia; it even extends itself to luxurious experiences. A recent trend in the industry is the luxury dining experience. This entails pairing gourmet food with high-grade marijuana strains. These dining extravaganzas can cost a pretty penny, but they offer customers cannabis-infused dishes paired with an array of wines and joints.

Overall, we are finally experiencing a change in attitudes regarding cannabis as a whole. This plant has many recreational and medicinal benefits that should be explored rather than shunned. Over a relatively short period of time, the cannabis industry has shown incomparable levels of growth. It is no surprise that as the market grows, so does the quality of the products in the industry.


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