The Bachelor Added 5 New Contestants and Things Went South Fast

Victoria: I just really didn’t like when you shut me down during conversation and I feel… 

Katie: Are you talking about today when you were calling Sarah names?

Victoria: When I said ‘the trash took itself out?’ I just would love an apology, because…

Katie: You’re not gonna get an apology.

Victoria: You told me to stop when I wasn’t done expressing myself. 

Katie: Expressing yourself and name-calling are two different things.

Victoria: Um, well, I can do whatever I want. And I can express myself with name-calling when I choose to. 

Katie: If that’s how you wanna express yourself and if you wanna be toxic and rude, go for it. 

Victoria: Yeah, and if you wanna express yourself with your dildo and think you’re ready for an engagement, you can do that. 


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