All You Need to Know Before Taking Your Pet on a Holiday

For pet owners, the animals that they care for are considered as part of their family, taking them on holiday vacations whenever applicable. However, this can prove to be a bit overwhelming because you need to consider various things before taking your pet with you when you travel for a vacation. This article lists down some of the things you need to know to ensure a stress-free and well-deserved holiday for you and your pet.

Check with your Vet

One of the primary things you need to do before taking your pet on holiday is to consult your vet. Ideally, your pet should be fit and healthy enough before you travel, and his vaccinations should be updated accordingly. You should also let your vet know where you are headed for them to evaluate your pet’s needs when it comes to protecting your pet from potential risks in that region, particularly when it comes to parasite prevention against flea and ticks well as heart-worm.

You may even need to have a health certificate from your vet, particularly if you are traveling by plane for international travel. Some countries even require a certain quarantine period before your pet is allowed entry, which is why you need to think about this as well before taking your pet on holiday.

Update your Pet’s Identification

Another thing that you need to do before taking your pet on holiday is to update his information. In this case, your pet collar or tag should have updated details about your address in your destination, as well as your contact information. In case your pet doesn’t have a collar. Still, he possesses a microchip tag; this information should also be readily available and other details such as the description of your pet.

There is also the option for you to leverage GPS devices that come with apps allowing you to track your pet’s location from your smartphone. Remember that it can be quite easy for your pets to get lost, particularly in an unfamiliar location.

Book Suitable Accommodation

Before taking your pet on holiday, you also need to ensure that you are booking suitable accommodation. This means that you need to go for those who are pet friendly to ensure that not only will your furry friends be allowed to enter, but they will have the things that they need during their stay too. However, even for the accommodations that accept pets, there may still be certain restrictions, which is why you need to verify this accordingly. Some hotels may have limitations when it comes to pet breeds and sizes.

You also need to bring the right stuff for your pet, even if you book the right hotel with the amenities to cater to them. In this case, make sure to include in your packing list your pet’s regular diet, as well as their food and water bowls. You also need to pack their regular medications, if any, as well as flea and tick preventive ointments and other grooming supplies. It follows that you need to have their leash and collar, as well as dog waste bags, with you whenever you travel.

Make your Pet Comfortable in a Carrier

You should also make your pet comfortable in a well-ventilated carrier before you travel. In this case, the carrier of your pet should have ample room for him to stand, turn around, or lie down. A carrier that is too small for the size of your pet will not make them comfortable to travel in it.

In case your pet is not familiar with the feeling of being in a carrier, make sure to practice them by introducing it at home a couple of months before your departure. To do this, you can pad the bottom of the carrier with their favorite blanket or even place some treats inside to encourage them to get in. The important thing is to associate positive feelings in being in a carrier to be comfortable in it rather than otherwise.

vacation with your pet

Before traveling with your pet for a vacation, make sure that you have consulted with your vet and updated his information accordingly. From there, make sure to book suitable accommodation in your destination where your pets are allowed. You also need to make your pet comfortable in a carrier where they are safer while riding in your car or even when you need to travel by plane. All these are geared towards ensuring that you and your pet will have a stress-free holiday vacation.


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