The Mandalorian Fan Makes Baby Yoda Lightsaber Using Knob from the Razor Crest

A hardcore fan of The Mandalorian has created a custom lightsaber for Baby Grogu. Season 2 ended on a bittersweet moment as Din Djarin completed his main mission. He was finally able to deliver Grogu to a Jedi, though the Jedi technically had to come to them, and in the process, save Din and his crew. Now, Grogu is off to train as a Jedi, which means he will soon need his own lightsaber. A rather crafty Star Wars fan has imagined what the weapon could possibly look like.

The idea of Baby Grogu, aka Baby Yoda, aka the Child, wielding a lightsaber presents a humorous mental image. However, the little guy is growing and he’s going to need to learn how to protect himself after the events of The Mandalorian season 2. Reddit user TethanProps decided to design what he believes Grogu’s lightsaber could look like, which incorporates one of the Child’s favorite things: the Razor Crest’s shiny knob. In addition to the traditional lightsaber attributes, the weapon also includes the signet of Clan Mudhorn.

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The Baby Grogu lightsaber design looks like it could easily end up in The Mandalorian season 3. However, it is unclear if we’ll even end up seeing the fan-favorite character reunite with Din Djarin. Season 2 left a lot of things up in the air, though fans are confident that the two friends will meet at some point down the line. Another thing that Star Wars fans are wondering about is the Razor Crest. It was destroyed on Tython and the bounty hunter no longer has a ship. He was only able to retrieve Grogu’s favorite knob and his Beskar spear.

There has been a lot of speculation floating around about Baby Grogu and a lightsaber. One of the more interesting theories has to do with him taking over the Darksaber. Din Djarin was pretty much the little guy’s guardian, or some might even say, his father. Now that Din has the Darksaber, some believe that it will be passed down to Grogu, like Anakin’s lightsaber to Luke. Obviously, Bo-Katan throws a monkey wrench into this theory, though we will likely learn more about that upcoming struggle in The Mandalorian season 3.

Another possible problem with Grogu and Darksaber theory is the fact that the weapon traditionally has to be won in battle. This would mean that Grogu would have to defeat Din Djarin at some point, which sounds a little ridiculous. Plus, it’s unclear if we’ll see Grogu mature into a strong Jedi in the future. Whatever the case may be, all of this is not going to stop Star Wars fans from speculating about what will happen in the future, or designing their own version of Grogu’s custom lightsaber. The latest fan-made design originated from Reddit. You can check out an image of it above.


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