How To Prepare For A Yacht Party

Partying on a yacht is the best way to get a taste of the celebrity lifestyle, and if you plan to kick back on the open water soon, there are a few things to keep in mind.

What to wear

This is an easy point to overlook, but a yacht party is not something you can attend in the same outfits that you would pick for a shindig on dry land.

First and foremost, make sure comfortable footwear is at the top of the agenda. Heels or leather-soled dress shoes are a total no-go because they will leave you more likely to trip and slip on the deck, creating a safety hazard.

Also, think about the destination of your party, and use this to shape your fashion choices. For example, if you are aiming for fun in Miami with party yachts, you need to wear clothing that is suitable for the tropical climate, which means dressing not only for the warm weather but also planning for the potential rainfall that is part and parcel of the experience.

Wherever in the world you are partying, it is likely to be sunny, so also pack a pair of shades to protect your eyes from UV rays and stop you from having to spend the whole afternoon squinting unattractively. Wearing sunscreen to stop any nasty burning from occurring is also a good idea, although this is obviously not applicable to after-dark yacht parties.

There may be a dress code to follow on higher-end yachts, so check this in advance and stick to it if you want to avoid any accidental faux pas.

How to behave

A yacht party is definitely the place to let your hair down, and you can do so within reason, but some important limits are relevant because of the nature of the venue itself.

Sailing brings increased safety risks along with it, some of which are persistent and entirely circumstantial, so it is crucial to be respectful of the crew members and captain. Listen to any advice they have to give before and during the trip, and always obey any instructions they issue, because it could literally be a matter of life and death.

Final considerations

Another important aspect of partying on a yacht is that the ocean’s motion can cause nausea in some people, which will only be exacerbated if you are also drinking alcohol. That is not to say you should totally avoid this type of party if you are a sufferer of seasickness; if the yacht is docked during the event, for example, it will be less of an issue.

Ultimately if you are not the organizer, you should aim to find out as much as possible about the party before attending, including the route that will be taken and the likely weather you will face on the big day. Being well prepared will stand you in good stead to have the best possible time.


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