Five Expert Tips For Buying Your First Golf Simulator

Golf simulators are a great tool for practicing golf at home. They will help you improve your skills, movements, and posture. Using a simulator will also allow you to find the perfect golf ball and club for you. Since it allows you to practice as frequently as you want, it can significantly improve your muscle memory and give you the chance to play with your family and friends anytime. Moreover, it allows you to safely practice the sport at home during the pandemic without hitting the green course. If you consider purchasing a golf simulator but don’t know what to look for, read through our article for some expert tips that will help you make the right purchase when buying your first golf simulator. 

1. How They Work

Before buying a golf simulator, you must understand how it works. A series of sensors work together to sense when you pick up the club, your movements, and ball speed. They also take a series of pictures or use radar technology to accurately determine the distance, direction, and loft of your strokes.

2. How Much Space Do They Take Up?

You don’t need much space to set up your golf simulator. The width of the golf simulator is manageable. However, the length might be a problem. You need enough space to practice your golf swing without interrupting your swing or damaging items in your home. If there isn’t enough space above you, you might hit something when swinging your club. This might not only break something, but it will also damage your club. Swing restrictions can throw you off your game. If you are not able to swing freely, your golf swing pattern can change. The golf simulator that you purchase will most likely come with recommendations regarding how much free space you should have around you. Though, keep in mind that needed height and golf swings may vary. 

3. Should You Set It Up Permanently?

If you can find a space to set up your golf simulator permanently, this would be ideal. Though, it is possible to set up your simulator each time that you want to use it. But keep in mind that setting up and taking down the golf simulator can take time, which may get discouraging after a while. You can keep the net set up permanently and move the mat and electronics over whenever you want to use them for a compromise. The simulator is also portable, allowing you to take it over to a friend’s or family’s house for a fun game night. 

4. What Equipment Do You Need?

A golf simulator’s cost depends on its type and whether you plan on purchasing it as a complete set or as separate pieces. As per the reliable reviews from, the best golf simulators to consider for your home are those that come with a launch monitor to determine your ball flight, spin, and speed. Without it, the golf simulator will not accurately sense your movements. You also need to purchase simulation software. You can choose between software with preloaded golf courses and ones that come with subscription-based services. The option you pick will depend on the features you want your golf simulator to include. Features, such as the ability to play with others, will come in handy if you are new to the game. The overall price will depend on these features, as well as other choices that you make. 

You need a hitting mat with a tee. The hitting mat should be even and allow you to stand on it properly. Small fake turf strips will put you in an awkward standing position because of how uneven they can be. If your simulator doesn’t come with a hitting net, you have to purchase one. You need to leave space between it and your wall so that you can have space for a protective layer for your wall. If you plan on buying a projector, don’t buy a net with many targets in front of it so that it doesn’t block your sight. Projectors make the experience more enjoyable and make you feel like you are on the golf course, so consider purchasing one instead of using your laptop or phone. 

5. How Much Does It Cost?

Golf simulators can be relatively affordable. However, as mentioned above, the costs vary depending on several aspects. Golf simulators come in a wide range of prices and cost anywhere between $500 to $50,000. This depends on the software that you use, your level of expertise, and how professional your equipment is. 

golf simulator

Having a golf simulator at home makes for a fun activity with family and friends, not to mention that it is a productive way to pass the time if you are self-isolating. You can also purchase a golf simulator to work on your golfing skills. Check online reviews and determine which features and add-ons will benefit your game before making a purchase. When purchasing a golf simulator, make sure to keep the tips above in mind to make the right choice and avoid buyer’s remorse.


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