7 Tips to Help Kids to Ace the Art of Playing Solitaire

Playing Solitaire card games can be a great fun activity that will provide entertainment and help increase concentration. Confused by that statement? Still, it’s true! This game requires attentiveness and fast decision-making, and at the same time, it brings fun. So, why not play with your children and teach them to build strategies in such an enjoyable environment? Below, we share our top seven hints on how to App Stores with kids and have a good time during the game.

1. Learn the rules together

Just like any game, it is very important to know all the rules to win in Solitaire. However, they are very simple and can be easily understood and memorized by anyone in a matter of a few minutes. Check the features of the particular game you’ve chosen since there might be differences in some versions.

2. Remember the goal and save time

The goal of any classic Solitaire game is to clear all the cards from the board and arrange them in the foundation piles in the right order. But that doesn’t mean that one can forget about the time consumed to achieve that goal. In many types, such as Play Free Spider Solitaire Masters Online, the score is very dependent on the time spent by the participant, so move faster. So, be ready to provide hints to help your children win!

3. Try to avoid multiple moves

In many versions of Solitaire online, some challenges require a game to be finished with a fixed number of moves only. Still, considering the above aspect, time is crucial in each and every game. Teach kids to make balanced decisions when playing to not make a mess in the tableau by transferring the cards with no purpose.

4. Choose the best game options for the kids

Kids can be quite moody and indecisive, so parents that want to introduce them to Solitaire should pick a variant that the kids will enjoy the most based on their personal preferences. Don’t force them towards one particular game but rather let them play different types and choose their own will.

5. Focus on enjoyment, not scores

Many parents have the habit of rushing their kids through games to reach advanced levels. Don’t do that when your kids play Solitaire and let them enjoy the game. Allow your kids to play the same level games multiple times if they wish to do so. Remember, this is a fun learning activity and not a competition.

6. Take part in challenges and tournaments

Parents should encourage their kids to take part in various Solitaire tournaments. This will serve two purposes; firstly, this will allow them to experience new challenges and game options and boost their confidence when they win. Most of the free Solitaire versions in different apps hold tournaments from time to time, so encourage your kids to participate in them.

7. Practice makes perfect, so practice

Be it any physical or online game, one can only improve through practice and continuous hard work. When playing Solitaire, smart work is what is needed. There are many games and websites that allow you to play free Solitaire, so take advantage of that and improve your game by taking different challenges.

The Final Word

Playing Solitaire can improve eye-hand coordination and quick decision-making abilities. This makes it a great activity for growing kids to advance their focus, strategy, and planning skills. Solitaire can sharpen your kid’s mind and still be a fun form of leisure. So, consider teaching them how to play this great game!


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