Yella Beezy Says His Streams Have Gone Up Since His Nudes Leaked

“Thats on meeeat baby” 🎵🎶…Chile, some of y’all probably already saw it, but for those who didn’t, Yella Beezy’s beezy was accidentally leaked over the weekend, and the gworls are STILL talking about it.

Safe to say the innatesss liked what they saw, and we caught up with Yella Beezy himself to get the tea on what went down.

Yella tells us that this definitely isn’t how he was planning to start off the new year, and it was an honest mistake from the mother of his child. He shares that she got the video from their security camera for her eyes and pleasure, but they were apparently playing too much which resulted in her accidentally sharing the video on her IG story.

Gotta be quicker than that cause the fans grabbed it with the quickness and now Beezy’s third leg is a whole trending topic.

People took to Twitter to react to Beezy’s beezy, and some even said he earned some streams from them. It seems like that was all facts no fiction, ’cause Yella Beezy confirmed to us that his streams have definitely been going up 😂.

In addition, Yella wants to make it clear that he definitely doesn’t want this to be attached to him, nor base his career off it. Adding that although it happened this way, he’s not into any gimmicks and definitely isn’t on some “corny sh*t”.

Did y’all peep the video Roommates? Drop your thoughts below!

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