6 Non-Contact Sports That are Perfect for Beginners

Recently, there has been a focus on the dangers of a collision in contact sports, not only talking about professional athletes but also student-athletes. It has been highlighted that some serious injuries can be sustained through body blow as a result. Also, not to mention that at this time, social distancing makes it harder to participate in contact sports.

Although there are plenty of opportunities for enjoying an athletic challenge that does not involve the mentioned risks that come from smashing into other people, if you are a beginner, this advice would be best for you. These 6 non-contact sports are perfect in case you are just starting.

Cardio Sports

Research done by the American Heart Association has shown that a brisk walk has the same benefit on cardiovascular health as much as running does. As an addition, walking for about an hour a day can assist you with your gain loss goal.

The potential to improve your heart health and bone density and resistance to chronic disease with jogging, to walk, and running are combined well with staying slim and making them all ideal activities for those who enjoy sports.

Sports Played with a Racket

Power,  quick reflexes, endurance practice, agility, and quick thinking are required by tennis, badminton, and tabletop tennis. Each one has the potential to be a lifelong non-contact sport and can provide a way to stay in shape.

The study from 2007, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, has concluded that tennis improves aerobic fitness. It also can increase good cholesterol and decrease the bad one while building up stronger bones, lowering the risk of heart disease, and giving you a leaner body as well. Table tennis, on the other hand, offers similar benefits.

Elite badminton players can enjoy even greater cardiovascular benefits than tennis players would, which may sound surprising. That is according to older research published in the same journal.

Club and Ball Sports

Golf is considered to be a popular non-contact, club, and ball sport.

The players’ goal is to use the least possible amount of club hits to drive balls into a series of holes. Even though many other ball and club sports are played on already determined field sizes, every golf course is different. Let us say that you are a beginner and you want to play golf. You might think to yourself, hey, I finally can find golf lessons near me and enjoy playing; you will be offered as a player with unique landscaping challenges. This approach will allow you to really showcase your skills. The situation is more enhanced by the fact that you are placed in an unknown environment. That is, you will be without the option to rely on a standardized playing field.

Bowling, on the other hand, is the largest and most popular form of throwing sports. It is also non-contact since players throw a throwing ball. The goal is the target, which usually is made out of pins at the end of a long lane.

Traditional pin bowling today is practiced in five distinct types. The most popular is Ten-pin bowling, followed by Nine-pin bowling.

Next on the list is Candlepin bowling, Duckpins bowling, and lastly, Five-pin bowling.

Water Sports

Swimming and water-based other non-contact sports increase the range of your motion without placing stress on your joints. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you can work out stronger and longer with less muscle tear in water.

swimming is a no-contact sport

Cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, bone density, and mood as well do improve from regular water sports. No matter if it is swimming daily laps or going on weekend kayaking.

Team Sports

Many team sports do involve contact. That aspect would mean that some are not so keen to participate in them. Not only because they could pose a certain risk of injury, but various other reasons as well. However, some team sports involve no contact at all, at least not intended contact. These would include ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and rowing.

Shooting Sports

Shooting is a completely non-contact sport. It actually requires a lot of steady and calm breathing, as well as concentration. Pistol shooting, clay pigeon shooting, archery,  rifle shooting, and crossbow shooting competitions are examples of non-contact shooting sports. Any of them is perfect for beginners.

Non-contact sports are not a guarantee that you will end up injury-free. However, they are relatively or, in the majority of cases, completely contact-free—no matter which, all sports do demand an increasing level of fitness. Even so, beginners could easily master all of these with a little bit of hard work.


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