Mother Of Ceaser’s Daughter Speaks In Her Defense, Says Alleged Domestic Incident Was The Reason Cheyenne Moved Back Home (Exclusive)

TSR Exclusive Details: What is clearly a deeply personal family issue between VH1’s Black Ink Crew star Ceaser Emmanuel and the women in his life has poured into the public spotlight and now the mother of his teenage daughter is speaking out to tell her side of the story.

While Crystal Torres, mother to Ceaser’s 16-year-old daughter Cheyenne, regrets that this story has gone public, a rep for Crystal tells us she draws the line at Ceaser allowing his adult girlfriend Suzette to publicly disrespect their daughter without consequence and feels it’s necessary to speak in her daughter’s defense.

The rep also explains to us that the alleged domestic incident Cheyenne spoke about, in which she accused her father of pulling her out the shower and beating her, is the reason why she was removed from his custody. The alleged incident took place back in October at Ceaser’s Atlanta home and was reported to Atlanta police, according to Crystal.

“There has to be accountability and ownership on what has transpired between (Ceaser) and our daughter. There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for any man to abuse a woman especially his teen daughter,” Crystal tells us. “This is just plain abuse. Period. He needs to take accountability for what he has done. Secondly, for any woman in a relationship with a man who has a child there is no reason or right for her to give any opinion on the child. Period!”

Crystal’s rep said those issues should remain between the parents.

“They both need to take accountability and ownership for their behavior as a whole and for him being her father and (allowing) his girlfriend to blatantly disrespect my daughter publicly without consequences is complete insanity at its finest,” Crystal tells us.

In response to claims that this is all just for the next season of “Black Ink Crew,” Crystal says that it was her choice to leave the show and explains that she’s just a regular woman who works a 9-5 job, adding that it was Ceaser who asked her to join the show before their co-parenting situation went awry.

Crystal said their daughter only went to live with him because they agreed on it as a family being that Ceaser had only recently got back on good terms with his child. She says it’s unfortunate that their co-parenting setup has been ruined.

“This is disgusting across the board. So this is what your parent has instilled in you? To beat your child?…So now my daughter is going to have emotional and traumatic issues because of your behavior? Be a man and say what you did. Take ownership on what you did,” Crystal said.

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