All the Ways to Upgrade Your Golf Cart

Whether you use your golf cart only for golfing or you like to ride it around the neighborhood, adding some bling to it will make it a whole new experience. Usually, it can only be used during warm weather. There are ways to upgrade it to sit in a garage covered with a sheet for more than half of a year.

Here are some things you can add to make your cart stand out.

Heavy-Duty Tires

Common golf carts come with thin, 8 inch tires, which are quite sensitive. You definitely wouldn’t be able to pass through some rougher terrain without damage. As can be seen on, some more heavy-duty tires can be installed at affordable prices. The only issue is that the thicker the tire, the more energy it will use. However, it doesn’t cost significantly more, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t give yourself some more options.

Golf Carts

Add Some Extra Seating

Most of the golf carts come with only two front seats. If you want to take your friends on a golf cart drive, it would be a good idea to add some extra seating in the back. It will make the ride more comfortable, and you will get some extra space. For example, it will be much easier carrying something around. There would be no need to carry heavy stuff around by hand anymore. Load whatever and whoever you want on your cart and go for an adventure.

Install Beverage Cooler

This is one of those things that are not crucial, but it is affordable, convenient, and would let you have a party at any time anywhere. There is a wide variety of coolers on the market, so you won’t have any problems choosing the size to fit into your cart. Coolers are quite cheap, and they can be used to transport any spoilable food or drink.

Add LED Lights

If you like riding your cart during the night, this is a must for you. The lights that come with the cart are weak and need to be changed often. If you invest in a good LED light, you will never have to worry about that again. By adding a good light source, your cart will look luxurious, and your visibility will be at an all-time high.

Upgrade Your Battery

Usual golf cart batteries have standard power of 36 volts. Upgrading your battery to 48 or higher will give you more speed and power. Some carts are unable to process that much speed, so you might also consider adding a speed controller, which will give you more control over the vehicle. This is also a must if you want to go for a ride on some of the rougher terrain.

Invest in a Lift Kit

A lift kit would come in handy if you don’t want to invest in new tires or already have good tires, and the terrain is too rough even for them. It will lift your vehicle when you encounter a particularly tricky bump. Otherwise, your cart could sustain damages that will cost you double or even triple the cost of a lift kit. With this kit, you will have more comfortable and less bumpy rides.

Add Fender Flares to the Wheels

Fender flares will save your life if you find yourself riding your cart during a rainy day. It will keep the mud from your tires, which means that you will avoid the danger of getting stuck. Also, golf carts don’t have doors, and without flares, the rain from the tires will spray you during the whole ride. There are quite affordable fender flares on the market, and they are not that hard to install.

Audio System

There are many types of audio systems that can be easily installed in your cart. If you are too afraid to leave the speakers outside when you are not using them, you could always install the portable ones. With speakers installed, you will be able to easily listen to your music when riding around with friends or going on a picnic.

Seat Heaters

Seat heaters would come in handy during the colder days. It would make your golf cart fit for all seasons. You will feel more cozy and comfortable. You would see the benefits the first time you go full speed on a windy day.

Upgrading your cart will make it not only a vehicle but also a source for unlimited fun. Whether you only use it for transport or to go on a cruise around the neighborhood with your friends, adding some of these tools will make your ride seem more like an adventure. If you have some extra money and are willing to play with the look of your golf cart, consider investing in some of these options.


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