Carrie Underwood Announces New Album on the Way, ‘My Savior’

Carrie Underwood is giving fans the gift they didn’t know they needed so soon…another album.

The country songstress announced the exciting news on Christmas day (December 25) by way of a quick social media update video. While thanking fans for their support on her most recent release, My Gift, and talking about how Christmas has been her spirit all of 2020, she let fans know she didn’t want that fun to end.

“I basically didn’t want all of that to end when I was making this music. I feel like my soul was in such a great place. I wanted to keep making music like the music off of My Gift. So I am here to give you guys a little gift right now and announced that I did that. I went ahead and made some more music,” Underwood revealed in a video posted to social media.

While she didn’t give an exact release date for her new collection called My Savior, Underwood is planning on sending it out during another upcoming holiday in 2021.

“It will be coming to you guys just in time for Easter, and again, it’s just been such a blessing to make music like this. Music that is near and dear to my heart, and I hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as I loved making it,” she said.

When Underwood came out with My Gift in September, she wanted her fans and other listeners to feel that warmth and familiarity that comes with holiday gospel music. She hopes to continue that for the next months to come with her upcoming project as well.

“This album is full of gospel hits that I grew up singing and I feel like you guys have kinda been asking me for a while to make an album like that because I have lucky enough to do songs like that here and there along the way in my career, so yeah, that’s what I did,” Underwood said out of excitement.

In the meantime, fans can listen to My Gift as they await My Savior in spring 2021.


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