Brett Eldredge Found New ‘Sense Of Awareness’ in 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, many people will be reflecting on the past year and creating goals and plans for the new year. While this year was certainly an unconventional and tough one for many, Brett Eldredge was able to find some personal reflection throughout it all. 2020 marked the year the singer somewhat returned from a break from the public eye with the release of his latest album, Sunday Drive, and he says he learned a lot about himself in the past 12 months. He also has big plans to continue finding the joy in life in 2021.

“I have found a sense of awareness for myself personally that I have never had before,” he told Sounds Like Nashville. “I believe that is preparing me to climb to bigger and better places than ever before because my heart is getting to the place I really want it. I am completely in it for the joy in connecting with others and my own heart. If it lacks the heart and meaning, then it’s not for me. I have some big years ahead, we all do.”

Eldredge has often been open about his experience with anxiety
and other mental health struggles, but he says he seems to have found a way to
handle it as of late, even through quarantine and the strange roadblocks this
year has brought.

“I’ve learned to be easier on myself,” he says. “It’s not a
complete fix, but I’m more aware of when I am beating myself up and I catch
that negative thinking in the act more often. I’ve also learned how much I need
others and though isolation is a big part of my creative energy at times,
connecting with a friend or family in any way has been huge for me.”


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