Brett Young Encourages People To Go Into 2021 With Responsible Mindset

The coronavirus pandemic and everything that came along with through the whole world for a loop in 2020, and the desire to get back to a normal way of living, and the desire for country artists to get back on the road, is a natural one. Brett Young feels the need to get back to normal as well, but he is also realistic about how quickly that will be able to happen.

“I think one thing that I’ve really been focusing on is that there’s not gonna be a day where we go, ‘All of this is gone. Back to business as usual.’ You know?” Young says. “And so I think with that, January 1st, there’s not gonna be one thing that takes us all the way back to where we were. There isn’t. It’s impossible.”

Young continues, saying that he believes the quickest way to get back to “normal” is to continue being responsible as we enter the new year, and he’s encouraging others to keep that same mindset.

“I think our responsibility is to continue to be safe because we all have a limited understanding of what this is and what’s going on,” he says. “And so, I want to be responsible to myself and my family and their wellness, but also to the stranger that I’m walking by on the street. We’re just trying to do our best as a family and as a group and a band to work as much as we can, to make sure we’re sharing music whenever it’s possible, but to be responsible and safe about it at the same time.”

Before he jumps into the new year, Young will be celebrating the holidays with his wife, Taylor, and 1-year-old daughter, Presley. Young says he and his wife are hoping Presley will be a little more aware of the holiday this year, as last year she was only a couple of months old.

“She was a little too young,” Brett says of last Christmas. “We tried to make it a bigger thing than it was possible to be. She was only, you know, a month and a half old last Christmas, two months exactly, actually.

“To have her there, it’s like we’re buying her presents that she doesn’t know she’s getting,” he continues. “So, it was interesting. We tried to force it on her and she was like, ‘Yeah, whatever.  Just feed me.’”


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