10 Free Holiday Romance Short Stories You Can Read Online

The holidays are already upon us and you might want to read something related to them, right? There are some fabulous free short stories out there that you can pick up right now, with just one click. These can be a good way to sample the authors’ writing before you choose to read one of their full novels. If you’re in the mood for free holiday romance short stories, keep reading.

It’s normal if sometimes you aren’t ready or don’t have the time to read 300- or 400-page books. (This is totally me!) But if you want to read a complete story before going to bed, short stories—explosive stories that just take some minutes of your time—are the perfect option.

free holiday-themed short stories

Underneath the Mistletoe by J. Greene

Author J. Greene has blessed us with this fun and sexy romance short story that pairs up best friends Brianna and Carson this fine Christmas season.

Brianna and Carson have been best friends for 20 years, but Brianna has been in love with him for longer. Each Christmas, they pretend to date so his mother doesn’t try to match him up with a stranger! This season, though, is going to be far different than the previous ones.

Feeling His Christmas Joy by N.G. Peltier

N.G. Peltier is releasing her full-length romance novel, Sweethand, next year (March 30, 2021), but in the meantime, you can try her short stories on her website!

Feeling His Christmas Joy gives you the grumpy/sunshine dynamic we all love to read, between two actors!

Elixir Fixer by N.G. Peltier

Another N.G. Peltier fantastic free holiday-themed short story is Elixir Fixer. This is an F/F romance short where the heroine is pining after her best friend during her father’s Christmas party!

Her Secret Santa CK Brown free holiday-themed short story

Her Secret Santa by CK Brown

One of my favorite tropes this year has been best friends to lovers. I’m surprised because I used to not enjoy it as much but wow, the romances that have released this year with this trope! Her Secret Santa is a delicious treat that will give you everything you want and more.

Diana and Zaccheus have been best friends since childhood. They also made a pact that if they haven’t been married by age 35, they would get hitched.

Miss Dominguez’s Christmas Kiss by Lydia San Andres

This short story is part of Miss Dominguez’s Christmas Kiss and Other Short Stories anthology, but Lydia is offering this sweet F/F romance on her website. In the anthology, you can also find two other holiday shorts that are very worth the low price!

In this lovely romance, two women find themselves being roommates in the same boarding house. After one kiss, what will happen next?

Stranded with Mr. Snow by Amber Samuel

Savoy Miller is doing her usual trip to her family’s estate. But she never expected a blizzard to suddenly appear. The only option she has is to take shelter in Snow’s Bakery with the one and only Mr. Snow. Maybe being stuck in a deserted town on Christmas Eve isn’t so bad after all…

grateful. by Alexandra Warren

Changing it a bit from winter holidays to fall holidays with this Thanksgiving short!

Blayke isn’t ready when she sees Julian, her one night stand who told her she was going to be his wife, at the Thanksgiving Eve neighborhood dinner. After only knowing each other for 21 hours, Blayke ghosted him. But seeing him again is making her feel a certain way and she cannot help but give it a try one more time.

All Sweet, No Bitter by Christina C. Jones

For this story, I highly recommend reading Anika and Royal’s story first, Bittersweet, because they are the protagonists in this as well!

You can never go wrong with a Christina C. Jones story and she does have a lot more stories on her website, many holiday-themed.

For whenever you have a break in your daily life, you can choose to read one of these holiday-themed short stories. They will be there for you when you have some time! The magic, the romance, the sparks, and maybe even snow will wait for you. If you want to find more free romance short stories online, we can help you with that too.


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