“House Of The Dragon” Star Olivia Cooke Just Revealed That An “Animalistic” And “Messy” Sex Scene Was Cut From The Series

As you’re probably aware, neither House of the Dragon or Game of Thrones shy away from sex scenes — and given the latter’s reputation, Olivia admitted that when she first landed a role in House of the Dragon, she tried to mentally prepare herself for nudity. 

Olivia has worked closely with the show’s intimacy coordinator, Vanessa Coffey, over the years, and the star told Elle that she has been left pleasantly surprised with the scenes she has been dealt so far. 

“I thought there’d be way more, and so I’m relieved that when it has been used for me, it’s showing Alicent being pleasured, which is amazing and doesn’t feel gratuitous,” Olivia explained. “It feels like we’re telling a story.”

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