Is WWE Leaning Too Far Into the Liv Morgan Thing? Plus, Ricochet’s Potential AEW Ceiling and Bron Breakker the Heel.

And later, an NXT preview, a round of They Said What?!, and more!

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Ben Cruz, Khal Davenport, and Brian H. Waters begin the show with an essential question: When was the last time your partner looked at you with the same concern that Samantha Irvin looked at Ricochet last night? Then, they welcome Ringer Wrestling tribal chief David Shoemaker for Raw Is Headlines, during which the guys discuss whether WWE is leaning too far into non-wrestling-related Liv Morgan story lines, if Bron Breakker is the biggest heel in WWE right now, and the absence of Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser, and Jey Uso last night on Raw. Then, in They Said What?!, a listener asks a question about Uncle Howdy. And, before finishing off with an NXT preview, the guys ask Shoemaker whether we’ve seen the last of Ricochet in WWE, as well as what his ceiling in AEW would be should he sign there.

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  • Intro
  • The way Samantha Irvin looked at Ricochet last night
  • WWE’s Liv Morgan story lines
  • Finn Bálor’s slight of hand trick
  • Is Bron Breakker the biggest heel in WWE right now?
  • No Gunther, Jey Uso, or Ludwig Kaiser last night
  • Will Ricochet ever appear on Raw again?
  • They Said What!?
  • Ricochet’s potential in AEW
  • NXT preview

Hosts: Ben Cruz, Khal Davenport, and Brian H. Waters
Guest: David Shoemaker
Producer: Troy Farkas

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