Go Behind the Scenes of Travel Channel’s Destination Fear

We have officially faced our fears.

The Travel Channel’s Destination Fear invited a member of E! Online’s TV Scoop team to join them on a paranormal excursion to the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility in New York—and we, of course, accepted. For the “Sleeping Alone” segment of the ghost hunting series, E!’s Cydney Contreras joined host Dakota Laden and his crew at the former prison, where she selected the haunted spot she’d film.

Her selection? “Cottage B-4.”

According to Dakota, Mid-Orange Correctional Facility didn’t have housing units when in use, rather, they utilized cottages. “So, there’s 12 different ones,” he explained. “Me and Tanner [Wiseman] were in Cottage B-1. And, as we were leaving the cottage, we saw this big ball of light. Like, in the center of the woods.”

As the paranormal investigators detailed, they first thought it was a security camera since they could only see the orb in night vision. Yet, they claimed the light later took off…in the direction of Cottage B-4.


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