What to Watch After Finishing Emily in Paris Season 3

Did you already say “Oui” to all of Emily in Paris season three? Well, then we know what you can watch next.

While we wish that we could crank out the already approved fourth season for you, we instead have a long list of other selections that are sure to help pass the time until Netflix drops new episodes. Whether you’re in the mood to laugh, cry, or decompress, we’ve got some seriously good suggestions for your viewing needs. 

For starters, you could head over to HBO Max and get your fix of Gossip Girl (both the OG series and reboot), which has outfits that rival Lily Collins chic costumes on Emily in Paris.

Looking for more works by Emily in Paris creator Darren Star? You can stay on HBO Max to get your fill of nostalgia, as Sex and the City—a.k.a. Darren’s most famous fashionable show starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Catrall, and Kristin Davis—is also available to stream.

Oh, and when you’re all done there, be sure to head to Apple TV+ for three seasons of Dickinson. Why? Well, the comedic series about the prolific poet starring Hailee Steinfeld has a similar tone to EiP


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