Iva Toric’s Striking “Trust Fall”

Iva Toric’s meteoric rise through the indie music world ranks is, in the end, leading her to some form of significant mainstream success. It is coming, more importantly, on her terms and without any of the gimmick-laden presentation so often propelling potential stars. The San Francisco based Toric has a natural wont for darker subject matter, but it is not treated as an imaginative lark, but instead as an integral aspect of her songwriting and personal aesthetic.

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“Trust Fall”, in this sense, carries on in a recognized tradition. This gives newcomers and longtime fans alike something consistent they can latch onto and expect with each new Toric release. The third single from her sophomore collection Dead Reckoning continues the rapid development shown by its predecessors and it should be clear to anyone with ears that Toric’s new full-length effort will push her into more rarefied air than ever before.

The self-assurance of her vocal performance shows she is ready. She is a dramatic yet measured presence during the songs verses, the virtual star of the show as the song’s arrangement emphasizes her voice above all else, and explosive during the song’s other passages. Control is the key throughout. Listeners will feel as if they are in unshakable hands from the outset and she carries us through to the track’s conclusion like an impassioned master of ceremonies.

Toric is the virtual star of the show, yes, but that never means the music is an afterthought. Toric gains immeasurably from the presence of Gregg Cash and Dylan Howard, especially the former, assisting with the song. Cash contributes more than just guitar and bass, however, as he also handles the arranging chores for this particular track. His skill is apparent after even a single listen. Howard’s contributions on drums are impossible to overestimate. He lays down a wild and romping rhythm, never losing the pace however, and gives the song the hard-hitting heartbeat it deserves.

Toric’s writing never overplays the subject. Writing about breaking free from a relationship gone bad and its scars in a serious way demands a songwriter who doesn’t go for the cheap reaction from listeners. Toric fits the bill. Her vocals raise the dramatic qualities of the lyric up several notches as well and give them a theatrical tint while avoiding the aforementioned pitfalls. It is impressive beyond belief that she’s so far along as a singer so early.

There is no telling where she can go from here. It is hard to believe she’ll content herself with following a predictable path of slambanging heavy metal hijinks alone but, even if she does, she has a better grip than many on making the style mean something. It certainly does here. No one in their right mind can ever accuse this track of being loads of sound and fury signifying nothing in the end. Iva Toric’s “Trust Fall” has, instead, given listeners young and old alike a new and personal look at a painful topic that you won’t soon forget.

Rachel Townsend

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