How To Add A Luxurious Look To Your One-Bedroom Apartment

How to add a luxurious look to your one bedroom apartment

Who says you have to pay so much to achieve a luxurious look? With excellent styling and attention to detail, you can elevate your one-bedroom apartment with designs that give a premium finish. 

If you want to increase your unit’s value or create an overall luxurious feel, keep reading this guide below for more. 

Declutter for Minimalism

Never try too hard if you want to go premium on any space. This means holding back on decorating your home with too many flashy pieces. Instead, declutter as much as possible. Less is always more, especially when working with a limited area. 

Clean out the surface and leave only statement pieces. Store away or donate items whenever possible. Decluttering isn’t only for cleaning out your apartment. It also reduces stress and boosts focus, thanks to the zen-like vibe of minimalist spaces. 

Beautify the Floors With a Rug

Including a rug in your space is an excellent way to bring warmth, texture, and life to your unit. Rugs provide a welcoming aesthetic that prevents any area from being too intimidating. Rugs are a great way to add a hint of coziness while delivering a premium finish. 

Go for a faux fur rug. It makes for a gorgeous addition to make your home luxurious yet lived in. It’s also a guilt-free option, considering no animals when harmed when creating them. 

Keep It Neutral

Bright and bold colors have a certain charm to them, but they’re not as classic.  Neutrals, on the other hand, are timeless and bring sophistication to any space. Plus, it’s way easier to pair them with furniture pieces and design elements. 

In addition, neutral colors help bring a sense of cool and calm to any space. They can make any room appear livelier and inviting. Others may find neutrals boring, but it won’t be an issue with the proper combination of various styles. Try changing the design elements from time to time to freshen up your unit. 

Bring the Outdoors In

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you must cut your connection with the outdoors. Bring life and luxury to your unit by incorporating gorgeous indoor plants. The likes of fiddle-leaf fig trees, pothos, and monstera can provide a premium yet breathable feel to your home. The beauty of these plants is that they’re typically low maintenance and are available online. 

If you shop in trusted sources, you can connect with legitimate growers for nearly all plant species, both indoors and outdoors. Shops like Neverland have a collection of informative articles on how to grow different plants, from shampooing ginger plants to succulents. So even if you’re a newbie grower, you won’t have a hard time taking care of your foliage. 

Use Proper Lighting 

Lighting dictates the story of your overall interior design. Always aim to combine the three types of interior lighting: ambient, task, and accent. 

Ambient or general lighting is your primary light source that illuminates a whole room. Task lighting helps you with a specific function, like cooking and reading. Meanwhile, accent or highlighting helps draw attention to a particular object or design piece. For instance, you want to highlight a piece of artwork on your wall.

Many homeowners mistake choosing one type of lighting and expecting it to do the function of the others. A combination of the three will help you elevate your unit’s lighting. 

Add an Inviting Scent 

Give your home a hotel-like feel by incorporating pleasant scents. You can use candles, oil diffusers, or potpourri bowls in certain areas of your home to achieve that premium ambiance. The good news is that you don’t have to include lots of scented items since you’re working with a smaller space. One or two should be enough. 

Include a Snack Bowl

Adding snack bowls on surfaces like bookshelves or coffee tables may be a small addition, but they can spruce up your space in a big way. Think of it as having a five-star lounge in your living room. 

The key for a premium-looking snack bowl is always to keep it minimalist. Less print with neutral colors, or you can also go with glass. Best to use colors or styling that go with your overall interior design. 

The great thing about adding a snack bowl is that you only have to fill them when you have guests come over. You can have nuts, candies, and other treats. Some homeowners go the extra mile and put macarons or muffins. 

Size Doesn’t Matter in Luxury

A premium look doesn’t always require a bigger space and a hefty budget. The right combination of design elements, lighting, and color, will provide you with a luxury finish. Play it up and try to experiment with what works for you. 

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