Gabby Calls The Bachelorette Finale a “Big, Fat Dumpster Fire”

Next up, Gabby introduced Erich, her final suitor, to her parents, aunt and Bachelor Nation fan favorite Grandpa John. The visit itself went very well, with Erich telling Gabby’s family, “I can’t imagine my life without her.”

Back to Rachel, who was still reeling from the confusing conversation with Aven when she introduced Tino to her family. Tino was very awkward and nervous, unable to connect the same way that Aven did. When Big Tony confronted Tino about Tino’s family not liking Rachel, Tino expressed that he was just as shocked, saying, “To be honest, all I talk with my dad about is sports.” 

However, he assured Rachel’s family that they would come around and ended the day remarking, “I feel a little bit in awe of how well meeting Rachel’s family went.”

With potential engagements on the horizon, Rachel and Aven obviously still had plenty to discuss. Rachel visited his room, telling him she felt “blindsided” by his apparently sudden insinuation that he wasn’t ready to get engaged.

“I want to leave here with you,” Aven told Rachel. “I want that more than anything. I’m sitting here trying to fight for it.”

But, Rachel wouldn’t accept it. 

Rachel broke down sobbing and told Aven that things were over between them. As they both cried, they hugged and Aven whispered, “I’m sorry, Rachel.”

Aven, of course, was backstage and came out for a live one-on-one conversation with Rachel, where they both hashed things out. Aven said he regretted not telling Rachel about his engagement hesitancy before her friends, ultimately saying, “I didn’t fully understand what you needed and what you wanted.”


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