Haus Is Now Taking Up to 50% Off Its Signature Range of Apéritifs

A bittersweet farewell to the buzzy, low-ABV booze brand. 

Haus Sale The Buzzy LowABV Booze Brand Is Taking Up to 50 Off Its Signature Range of Apritifs

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Yesterday morning, Haus co-founder Helena Price Hambrecht announced on Twitter that the low-ABV apéritif brand had lost its lead investor, leaving it unable to continue operations. (Haus may yet be acquired by another company, but its future is looking fuzzy.) When the California-based brand launched in 2019, its sleek design and millennial-friendly serif lettering stood out like a sore thumb. In a market crowded with double IPAs and barrel-proof whiskey, its range of lower-ABV beverages—and apéritifs in particular, which are popular in Europe but less so stateside—was a novelty, quickly endearing it to booze drinkers looking for a milder buzz and a more complex alternative to Campari and Aperol.

So it seems fitting that the tweet arrived with a, uh, bittersweet announcement: to offload its remaining inventory, the brand is offering fans one last chance to restock their at-home bar carts. During the ongoing Haus sale, the more you buy, the more you save. If you get two bottles, you’ll get 20% off, and adding bottles to your purchase only bumps up the savings before capping at 50% off for 12 or more.

Unlike Campari and Aperol, two apéritifs that can skew sweet and overly bitter, Haus’ products brought varied flavor profiles and natural ingredients to a market ripe for low-ABV beverages. In the years following its launch, Haus filled a gap left by Big Booze by offering a range of beverages— between 18% and 20% ABV, in flavors like Grapefruit Jalapeño and Spiced Cherry—which were delicious on their own, but also made for excellent mixers. (They’re great for getting a light buzz on, and they’re incredibly refreshing on a hot summer day.)

Shop our picks from the Haus sale below, and then pour one out for the coolest apéritif brands that could’ve been.

Haus Citrus Flower apéritif

The base for any good spring and summer cocktail.

Haus Grapefruit Jalapeño apéritif

Like a spicy marg, but lighter—and just as refreshing.

Haus Strawberry Basil apéritif

Even if there was no booze in this, it’d still be a delicious drink.

Haus Ginger Yuzu apéritif

Spicy ginger complemented by earthy Rooibos tea and lemongrass.

Haus Pomegranate Rosemary apéritif

Sweet fruit and herbs are always a good combo.

Haus Spiced Cherry apéritif

If Haus made a bottled Manhattan, this would be it.

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