Interview With Emily Daccarett 

For designer Emily Daccarett fashion and music cannot be separated. Daccarett creates an immersive world of storytelling through music, film, and fashion. Each artistic direction begins with a beat that forms a story. From the start of her brand, she has fused those worlds together, creating a symbiotic flow between the two. 

Provide Background of your music career that not many know about:

Both of my great grandmothers were opera singers. My great grandmother Leandra del Carmen, from my mom’s side whom I had the opportunity to know, gave me my first voice lessons. I would follow her as she we would sing the solos she once toured with and would sing along. When I was 12 or 13, she trained me and helped me to prepare for my audition to sing the national anthem in my hometown, which I won, but most importantly she was there for game day to hear me sing. She was sadly suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease by then and had difficulty remembering who we were, but when we were singing it was as if everything was normal again. Once she passed, I would sing the songs we sang to my family, especially to my grandma who would close her eyes and imagine it was her mom. This is what I love most about music, the chance to touch people and help them feel less alone!

What has given you thick skin throughout your career? 

We often hear “the worse they can say to you is no” and there is some much truth in that. I have been met with so much rejection in both fashion and music, but I chose not to listen. I know myself better than anybody else and depend on that strength to keep going. If I had listened to that first no, I never would have moved to Paris to pursue fashion design, I never would have had my first runway show featured in WWD and many other publications, I never would have written music…. So many things I would have thrown away, had I listened to every no that came my way.

How do you level with yourself when something doesn’t feel right in your music making? 

When I see that things are just not clicking with new music I’m making, I put it to the side, and walk away from it for the time being. I wait for its time to flourish, music has life, and can never be forced to mature until it’s ready. I’m currently working on a song I had written 4 years ago, but it wasn’t its time back then. Now I feel ready to make this song happen!

There is a lot of celebration surroundong your music, how are you celebrating all the success?

Thank you! To be honest it helps motivate me to keep writing and exploring what I can achieve with music.

What is the next big challenge for yourself in this industry?

The next challenge is the new song I’m working on!

Your journey is special, how would you define it in your own words?

I love being in water, it’s calming yet unpredictable, I see my life that way. I have a purpose, but I allow myself to go with the flow and allow the journey I’m on take me where I need to go.

Trying day in and day out to make sure your music is magic, how do you keep the magic within yourself to keep creating?

That’s something I try to hold on to everyday. I think by having the opportunity to work in different mediums, it allows me to rediscover my passions in what I do. It never feels old! With music I explore different sounds as well to keep on growing and evolving as an artist. This really helps keep the magic!

You are spectacular, truly. Give the fans everything they need to make sure they don’t miss out on any of your music!

Thank you so much, this means a lot to me!! You can keep connected with me on all my socials! I have exciting new releases coming out soon!





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