Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club Power Rankings: Round 1

3. Jill

There’s clearly a lot of history between Dorinda and Jill, some of which the latter divulged on episode four. While everything was seemingly smoothed over for the time being, they eventually clashed all because Jill wanted to be on Eva’s radio show. A teary argument commenced, but once Dorinda started bringing up the past—namely, their late husbands’ funerals—Jill bowed out and went to bed. We can’t fault her for it, though—it’s all simply too sad.  

I supported you

+2: “You like my glasses? Dior 1970s,” a la Dana Wilkey‘s, “Did you know, $25,000?”

+3: “You’re welcome, bitch.”

+3: Begging to be on Eva’s show

Total Score: 8

2. Dorinda

Dorinda is in a unique position because she’s hosting these people in her own house. Bluestone Manor is iconic, yes, but not iconic enough to affect the group dynamic this much. Of course she’s going to freak out over the ladies not following the rules—this is her home! So, in light of production’s grave mistake, Dorinda automatically receives one complimentary point each week. Hosting drama aside, Dorinda came through with the tears on more than one occasion this episode.

+1: Obligatory host points

+2: Crying during an argument (x2)

+4: Giving the ladies brown liquor

Total Score: 9


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