Greye “Everything” (SINGLE)

It has been said often that a work of art is only abandoned, never finished. Florida’s Greye likely agrees with this sentiment based on their recent experience with the song “Everything”. The track, originally penned and recorded for the band’s 2016 release The Worrier, has popped up in occasional Greye setlists over the intervening 5+ years but recent history, namely a pandemic upending everyone’s life, prodded the band to reconsider its newfound relevance.


It’s a revision of the original track, that’s true, but Greye likewise doesn’t venture too far afield of the song’s initial foundation. Take it as more of a “refinement” than revision. It is in keeping with the sonic architecture present on the band’s latest release So Far So Good and its four hit singles thus far. Hannah Summer sharpens her vocals over an already fine performance in the song’s first version. Her commanding voice is one of the band’s strongest elements. It’s far more common nowadays to see women fronting acts such as this than two decades or more ago, but encountering such a dynamic female lead singer is still exciting stuff.

Jett Wolfe’s acoustic guitar playing artfully balances the line between fundamentals and flash. However, readers should understand that those instances of flash are invariably judicious – Wolfe’s first instinct is always geared towards serving the song. Other instruments play an important role as well. The piano playing dropping in throughout the track diversifies the performance while seamlessly blending into the overall package.

Wolfe’s electric guitar work occupies the same aesthetic space as his acoustic work. It’s a reflection of the taste that Greye, as an unit, brings to each aspect of the single. Any attempts to pigeonhole this song are doomed to failure because there’s a fluid cross-section of styles present in the song. Hearing the band shift gears without a hiccup is an impressive experience. They bring soulfulness and skill together without much apparent effort.

Great bands make great songs sound effortless. “Everything”, once again in Greye’s hands, proves to be an elastic and responsive work of art. Not every song has this sort of potential. The universality of its songwriting will continue aging well; this is one of their many songs that deals in human experience we can all recognize rather than attempting to capture the zeitgeist. Greye has their eyes turned towards posterity and disposable music isn’t in their wheelhouse.


We need more bands like this in the 21st century. The need has never been greater. Old traditions and institutions tumble into disrepair, nations quarrel, and so little seem to meaningfully change. Bands such as Greye, however, give hope that there are musicians and songwriters listening closely to the music in their head and writing songs penned with blood, tears, and true purpose. Revisiting an older song is a bold move, some might call it looking back, but Greye is not. They are reclaiming their past as their present and pointing the way towards a bright future. Let’s join them on their journey there.

Rachel Townsend

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