Country Star Jordan Davis Says Kane Brown Gave Him a Rolex

Jordan Davis has been getting all sorts of love for his recent two-week Number One with Luke Bryan, “Buy Dirt.” The pair recently celebrated with a duck hunt, and Davis announced a headlining Buy Dirt Tour for this spring. But his buddy Kane Brown is the king when it comes to making others feel appreciated.

Speaking with Audacy’s Rob + Holly in a recent interview, Davis explained that Brown recently gave him a gift he could hardly believe. It wasn’t in honor of “Buy Dirt,” it was a parting gift for the end of Davis’ time on the Blessed & Free Tour. But he could probably buy a whole lot of dirt with the money it cost.

“Kane does really good gifts,” Davis said, understating his point just a little bit. “I got a Rolex.”

Davis went on to explain that he had just gotten into luxury watches, and Brown had found out. It’s tradition for the headliner to thank their opening acts in some way, and when it came time for Davis’ last night on tour, Brown went big. The send off was from one of the most iconic watch brands in existence.

“When Kane came in to give me the gift, I was like, ‘Dude you don’t have to get me anything’,” Davis explained, “and he just hands me that box and I’m very familiar with the logo. I was like, ‘Bro, are you kidding me?’ It was a blast. Kane is such a good dude.”

According to, most Rolex watches sell for between $7,000 – $12,000, but some can go for as much as $75,000. That’s no small chunk of change, even for a superstar. But after Davis told the story, he immediately realized that he had just outed his buddy to the world. Now everyone who goes on tour with Brown is going to expect something similar.

“I hate that I said that here, because I feel like I just cost him,” Davis joked. “Now everybody who goes on tour is going to be like ‘KB is going to give me a Rolex.’ KB, I’m sorry buddy. It was pretty awesome. I’m very grateful to him.” 

Jordan Davis’ Buy Dirt Tour kicks off April 8 in Orlando, Florida, and runs through May 14 in Cleveland, Ohio.


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