Kip Moore Takes Fans’ Advice on 10-Year-Old ‘Crazy One More Time’

Country artists employ whole teams of experts to help them decide which songs to release, but sometimes you’ve just gotta listen to your (screaming) fans. Kip Moore is doing just that for his new single, “Crazy One More Time,” re-working and officially dropping a track that first came out 10 years ago.

Featuring Moore’s tall-dark-and-handsome vocal, smoldering with romantic passion and a hint of whiskey-shot sting, the steamy tune finds a guy asking his former flame to light the fire once more. Co-written with Chris Lindsey and Aimee Mayo, it was originally found on Moore’s 2012 album debut Up All Night and has always been a fan favorite. But back then it had a twangy steel guitar and as a result, a different emotional color — and with career-launching hits like “Something ‘Bout a Truck,” “Beer Money” and “Hey Pretty Girl” on that album as well, Moore never released it as a single. Still, it became an underground hit, and over the years evolved.

“The initial idea for ‘Crazy One More Time’ came about after running into someone that I hadn’t seen in years, and someone that I had a lot of history with,” Moore says. “That’s kind of how I feel about this song right now, there is a history there, but now it has this new life sonically since we went back in the studio and recut it. This song has evolved over the years thanks to the fans. When we play it at shows the fans sing it as loud as my biggest songs, and if I don’t play it it’s the one that I get requested to play the most. I’m excited to go on this journey with this track at country radio.”

Moore’s new and improved version of “Crazy One More Time” features a more modern sound, with pianos and gentle guitars setting a tender tone — and the thumping pulse of ’80s-style electronic drums making his desire feel all too real. It will now be reborn as part of Moore’s next album, which will follow up 2020’s Wild World and came to be as COVID took this habitual wanderer out of his natural element.

“[Three] months into the initial lockdown, I got a call from a good buddy Matt Bubel,” Moore explains on Instagram. “We caught up briefly before bringing up the obvious situation at hand and how stir crazy we were both getting. I told him to bring over all of his gear and let’s just see what happens…No thought of genre, lines or any other inhibitors. Some of the songs we wrote during that month will be on this next project coming, but the recreation of this tune was the magic dust that got us going. Thank you lil buddy for always being a steady friend in this not so steady world.”

We’ll share more information about Kip Moore’s next album as it arrives. In the meantime, he is currently on tour in U.S., and will visit the U.K. to take part in the C2C: Country to Country Festival in London, Dublin and Glasgow March 11-13.


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