“Sweetest Of Melody”  by R&B Diva Rina Chanel

The dulcet tones of a sensual saxophone, open and close, “Sweetest Of Melody,” the current single by Rina Chanel. Chanel is a Singer/Songwriter, most closely associated with the Pop genre. As is often the case, though, she is actually defined by a wider assortment of styles. Her recent single, would fall into the Easy Listening category, with elements of R&B, and even a bit of Jazz. It’s an isochronously timely and timeless affair, that feels as fitting in the morning , as it does in the evening.

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Rina Chanel is a highly educated/decorated Singer. She’s from Virginia, and holds a degree in vocal performance. There’s no question when it comes to her technical savvy, but “Sweetest Of Melody,” also shows her charm and grasp of emotion. The track features guest vocalist, Senghor Robinson, who lends a contrasting baritone, to Chanel’s Alto/Soprano. It’s a concept that pays off well, providing a nice balance.

There’s not a lot being said on “Sweetest Of Melody,” outside of a heartfelt expression of love and gratitude. Chanel, verbally weaves some pleasant imagery, and Robinson helps fill in the open spaces. Overall, the song fills you with a sense of whim and comfort, much like a classic holiday movie. Chanel embodies a certain type of piousness, that serves her well for this offering. It wouldn’t seem like a long term direction for her, but if it were to be, she does fit the role, well.

Outside of the lovely saxophone sections, “Sweetest Of Melody” is of course rather simple, musically. The arrangement is structured to enhance the vocal and nothing more. The drum track is light and airy, and there really isn’t much more to the song. Some strings and piano are added to coat the overall sound, but “Sweetest Of Melody” is almost entirely driven by Rina Chanel and Senghor Robinson. Their vocal performances, intertwine to create something wholly harmonic and enveloping.

Rina Chanel has created something that is lasting and expansive with “Sweetest Of Melody.” She is able to display the quality and control of her voice, while verbally illustrating a vibrant garden of imagery. The production on the track is strong, and it doesn’t allow for any traces of inexperience or lack of tonality. Senghor Robinson brings something that is both fitting and aromatic to the song with his performance. Little is known about Robinson, beyond his work on “Sweetest Of Melody.” However, interest in him is likely to surge, following the release of the single.

For a young lady that is highly talented and intelligent, “Sweetest Of Melody” is the type of track that can catapult Rina Chanel into the mainstream. She seems to be on the verge of stardom at any given moment, and this song can only upwardly project her ascension. “Sweetest Of Melody” is a highly recommended song, that has a seasonal flavor, coupled with an accommodating tone for any occasion. You can find it now, on all of the major streaming sites, or through Rina Chanel’s media.

Rachel Townsend

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