Keith Urban Enjoys Christmas at the Beach

When it comes to Christmas memories, Keith Urban has fond memories of growing up in Australia and going to the beach on Christmas day. This tradition is something that he has passed onto his children whenever they are in Australia for Christmas. 

“I have great memories of getting up early and going and jumping on your parents’ bed and getting them up,” Urban shared. “Then, of course, you tear open the presents and then it’s done and it’s like eight in the morning, and you’ve got all morning now to sort of wish you had more presents to open. We had great Christmases growing up. I really, really enjoyed them. Mostly, we’d go to the beach, you know, because there it’s summertime. Load up the station wagon and head off to the beach.”

“We still love going to the beach at Christmas time, as long as we’re in Australia, because it’s like the Fourth of July. It’s huge. Everybody’s out,” he continues. “It feels very celebratory. It’s in the ‘90s. It’s crazy. But having grown up with that, it feels very natural to me. Albeit it, we still had all of the same Christmas songs, so we’re in like 90-degree heat with shorts and tank tops singing ‘Walking in a Winter Wonderland,’ and I remember getting Christmas cards of like Santa on a surfboard, so that probably explains a lot.”

Although Urban may slow down for the holidays, he will be back to work in 2022, kicking off The  Speed of Now World Tour in the spring. Urban will take the tour through the UK and Europe in the spring before spending the summer in the US. Ingrid Andress will join him as opener. 


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