Colton Underwood Shares His Past Fear of Being “Turned On” in Men’s Locker Room

“I just wish I would have been like, ‘I’m questioning my sexuality! Does that satisfy your answer of why I’m a virgin?'” he said. “I just didn’t want to go there with women because I didn’t know if this was in my cards. I had prayed and hoped and wished that it would be, but I didn’t know. And there was just not that room… I don’t know if it would have been well-received if I did.” 

Throughout his entire time as The Bachelor and while starring on the series’ affiliated programs, Colton’s virginity was a major conversational topic, with castmates often sharing their disbelief that he was truly a virgin. 

Colton shared that his relationship with his current boyfriend, Jordan, has been “healthier” than the ones in his past. 

“It’s been healthier for sure, there’s been no hitches,” He said. ”With women, I would always look for a way out or try to find an escape plan. I was planning everything out like, next step this, we need to be engaged by this week, we need to hopefully have kids by this year… That’s truly how my relationships [went].” 

Now, Colton says he’s found “a best friend” in Jordan. “We just complement each other’s lives and, it sounds so casual, but we’re just hanging out. we’re having a good time. There’s no pressure.” 

“He’s very defensive and protective of me,” he said. “He also checks me on a lot of things, where he has helped also with the internalized homophobia too where he’s like, ‘Wait, that’s okay.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, it is?’ It’s a really healthy balance.” 

Earlier this month, he revealed that Jordan has met his family, telling The New York Times that he’s ”very happy and very in love.” 


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