Felicia Day Finally Reveals Why She Was MIA from Supernatural’s Final Episodes

Fans did a double take when Felicia Day was MIA on the final episodes of Supernatural. Her fan favorite character Charlie was noticeably absent and, up until now, we didn’t know why.

​But Day explains in an upcoming episode of the SDR podcast that, while she was able to shoot episode 18, things took a dramatic turn when the pandemic began. She says during the show, “I read all the rest of the scripts, and they were so good. And the last script, before COVID changes had to happen, [included] a big ass party where everybody was in heaven and they were meeting Dean, including old school Charlie.​”

The actress then reveals, “Unfortunately, I flew home the day before they shut down the border for like six months and they couldn’t fly all the actors up because they were going to shoot that big bar scene where Dean goes into heaven and sees all his friends and then have the best wrap party ever. They couldn’t get people over the border to do it, so they had to rewrite the whole thing with no extra actors, which really sucks for all of us because I wanted to party, but also I wanted to be in the end.”

Co-showrunner Andrew Dabb previously teased before that Day would reprise her role as Charlie, including the OG Charlie and Apocalypse World Charlie, but only got one.


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