X-Men Isn’t the Title of the MCU’s First Mutants Movie?

It’s not news that Marvel is planning to develop a new MCU canon X-Men story. Fox’s acquisition by The Walt Disney Co. reverted the rights of X-Men characters into Marvel. Since then, fans have speculated hundreds of different theories on how X-Men could be integrated into the long-running and ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, we just can’t wait to watch X-Men and other characters from the mutant lore making their debut in the MCU. But it seems, the name X-Men might not be something Marvel would be comfortable using as a title. At least not right out of the gate.

Marvel’s Take On X-Men Titles

Marvel Studios CCO, Kevin Feige first announced his and his execs’ intentions concerning an X-Men movie set in the MCU during the 2019 San Diego Comic Con’s Hall H presentation. The presentation was heavily focused on Marvel Studios’ plans for Marvel’s Phase 4 and its new plans for integrated Disney+ series centered around multiple characters from its universe. But this one little statement from Feige that, “we’re developing a film around Mutants”, gave the audience a new hope and a new vision for the future of Marvel Cinematic Universe post-Infinity Saga.

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Notably, Feige didn’t use the word “X-Men” but called it Mutants. On being asked about the title, Feige was quick to explain how the words X-Men and Mutants are “interchangeable”. He also said that Marvel’s take on the mutant team would differ from the approach Fox has pursued to tell the associated stories.

The idea behind calling their production The Mutants could also be about the lack of inclusivity in X-Men. Over the years, Marvel Studios developed films centered around male superheroes before heading for team-ups starting with Civil War. It wasn’t until DC found success with Wonder Woman (2017), Marvel announced its first female-centered superhero film, Captain Marvel. The only “girl-power” moment we saw in the MCU after that was the notirious sequence in Avengers: Endgame. And now we’re awaiting the release of Black Widow, which would be the first film in MCU’s Phase 4.

Maybe Marvel has realized that the term X-Men has become outdated, and given the number of powerful and significant female characters in the mutant team, it would be a kind of injustice. Moreover, X-Men wouldn’t have been the team it is without the likes of Jean Grey, Storm, and Mystique. In fact, the last two entries in Fox’s franchise, Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants were female-centric superhero films. Even Logan introduced Dafne Keen as Laura/X-23, a female character having huge future possibilities. Unfortunately for Fox, those plans weren’t fruitful. But, Marvel might’ve learned a great deal from this approach.

These are all just speculations, but Marvel may refrain from using the titular name for the team and resort with The Mutants.

How X-Men Would Come Into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

There are no confirmations regarding the introduction of X-Men in the MCU; however, as per Illuminerdi’s report, there are rumors that Marvel Studios has begun development on the project. Still, there are no casting confirmations or official announcements over decisions concerning writing and directorial duties.

Currently, the only confirmed X-Men entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3. Kevin Feige has confirmed that the studio won’t bring any changes to the R-rated take on the character. The fact that the film is still called Deadpool 3 has further raised speculations about whether the MCU’s The Mutants would be a new take on X-Men or that it would be the same team merging via the multiverse concept.

Evan Peters’ appearance in the Phase 4 starter WandaVision gave people some newfound hope and outlook over X-Men’s introduction in MCU. But, after today’s series finale of the show, we still haven’t received any update on whether Peters’ appearance meant anything in context to the X-Men or that it was a mere coincidence.

We know that Marvel Studios has always planned for X-Men to be a part of the MCU. After Fox’s acquisition by Disney, Kevin Feige released old footage from the Iron Man post-credit scene. The scene had Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury confronting Tony Stark about the revelation of his identity in the press. He mentions how he was already dealing with “gamma accidents, radioactive bug bites, assorted mutants” and now he has Stark to deal with as well. While “gamma accidents” meant Banner’s transformation into Hulk, “bug bite” referred to Spiderman, and “assorted mutants” obviously meant X-Men. So, it was always in Marvel’s plan to one day figure out a way to include X-Men in the MCU. And at a certain level, they managed to get Wanda and Pietro with a new backstory within this universe.

For now, we can just depend on these rumors, theories, and speculations around the topic. It’s also possible that Marvel may change the plans as these projects go under development. As for the title, Marvel may eventually use X-Men at some point at the time; but probably would start the project with the other name just to give their take on mutants a fresh and unique start, differing from Fox’s franchise. All that’s left for us right now is to wait for further information on the project and hope to see our favorite team of Xavier’s gifted students in a new shade within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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