The Funniest Moments From the Celebrity Game Face Finale

Couple Quarreling

One game of ”Pointing the Finger” was all it took to cause some infighting among the married teams!

For example, Kevin asked Adrienne and Israel who’s more likely to check the other’s texts, and though they both initially pointed to themselves, Israel tried to switch his answer at the last second, costing them a point. “I got confused!” he told his wife. “I’m sorry, bro. Sorry!”

“Are you also sorry ’cause you just called her ‘bro?'” Thomas quipped before getting into a tiff of his own when it came time for him and Jenny to play.

The question that set things off asked who’s more likely to get lost driving, and immediately, both members of the couple pointed to Jenny.

“I don’t know how bad of an incident it was when you got lost, but the level of anger attached to his point,” Kevin said to Jamie, laughing. “He almost punched you in the face!”


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