Spend the Night at the Real Crystal Lake and Watch Friday the 13th: Jason Lives in August

On Set Cinema is returning to Camp Blood for their 3rd Annual Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives event. Horror fans are invited to celebrate the movie’s 35th Anniversary with what they are calling “the ultimate Jason Lives experience.” The summer camp event is all set to take place at Camp Daniel Morgan (aka Camp Crystal Lake …aka Camp Forest Green) at Hard Labor Creek State Park in Rutledge, Georgia where the majority of Jason Lives was filmed. Director Tom McLoughlin will be returning to Camp Blood for the first time since filming took place for the event.

This year, On Set Cinema is doing two back-to-back events for the first time. One of the events is set to start on August, 13th, which just so happens to be Friday the 13th. Jason Lives fanatics will get to “see where Sheriff Mike Garris gets bent completely in half by Jason, walk on the pier where Officer Thornton gets a dart to the forehead, hang out in the cabin where Sissy gets snatched out of the window and her head twisted off or swim in the lake where Tommy fights Jason during the movies’ climatic ending!” The first event takes place in August from the 13th-15th, while the second event takes place the 15th-17th. Both events are 18 and up.

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In addition to everything listed above, Tom McLoughlin will be on hand “signing autographs, taking photos with fans on the pier, doing a Q&A after the movie screening , and a filming locations tour of both the Jason Lives cemetery and Camp Crystal Lake / Camp Forest Green.” The two events are put together to ensure that horror fans have a great summer camp experience, which includes shared cabin camping with bunk beds, various games, camp fires with friends, roasting marshmallows, and making s’mores.

On Set Cinema will have plenty of VHS horror movies to watch on old school TV sets, with options to go swimming and canoeing in Crystal Lake. The actual screening of Jason Lives will take place on the pier, overlooking the Crystal Lake water. This sounds like a dream come true for Friday the 13th fans, so hopefully it will be able to happen without a hitch. The official site says that they will provide a COVID-19 update two weeks before the events to make sure everything is safe to move forward.

1986’s Friday the 13th: Jason Lives is written and directed by Tom McLoughlin. The sixth installment was the first movie since the legendary original to receive praise from critics and has since become a major fan favorite in the franchise. Tickets for On Set Cinema’s Jason Lives events are currently on sale, with a $250 price tag for a standard ticket. The second event, which takes place from Sunday August 15th to Tuesday the 17th will only cost $150. You can head over to {https://myershousenc.thundertix.com/events/183581|the Myers House website to purchase tickets.


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